Thursday, January 28, 2010

How To Think

Reading response for How to Think by Ed Boyden:

From the reading I can agree with multiple points from Ed Boyden's "10 Rules". First, being the importance of being able to iterate ideas and create new ideas. Sticking with one idea can sometimes hinder and hold back any learning or "experimenting" while creating for a resolution. Another important point was his mentioning of "making contingency maps". Being able to time manage and sort out your times give relevance to each phase and helps you plan importance of how long the particular project, or project piece, can make.

"Always have a long-term plan" is important as well. Daily, I make a check list. Even if I do not finish all of the things on the check list, with time allowing, I can move them to the next day and start with a fresh list in the morning. Sometimes I pick up where I left off but always check back with my list and notes to see what is more important and what needs to be tended to.

Also, as scary as mistakes are, making them quickly and recognizing them helps as a vital learning tool. If you makes more iterations, you will have a better, more narrow path to follow down rather than making the same mistakes over and over. Remembering them and documenting what leads to these mistakes is smart and sensible to avoiding them in the future.
I have also found that these points are applicable to the current project in Visual Communication 2, and even for other projects. Although, I can't say that I completely agree with "keep it simple", though. Sometimes you have to take a risk to make a certain progression.

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