Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Taxonomy Proposal

I am proposing to classify my marks by the tool which they were used. Once divided, I will then divide my marks from light to dark, dealing with the density of the marks. They layout of the actual book will be 8 inches x 7 inches in the format of a wire o binding. All of the font will be in Helvetica, besides the title page which is to be in Futura. Each page will be able to fit 9 classified marks on it. Click on any of the pages to make larger for a better idea of how each page will look. The front and back cover will be on a thick stock paper; thicker than the inner pages to define them from the inside pages.

1. straw
2. grass
3. leaf
4. flower
5. hand
6. hay
7. horse shoe
8. wood
9. branch
10. air

1. light
2. dark
3. chaos
4. smooth
5. controlled
6. spastic
7. vertical
8. horizontal
9. clean
10. rough

1 comment:

  1. Standard and strong proportions are 1x1, 1x2, 2x3, 3x4.

    The layouts you provided have no-nonsense, specimen-like connotations. Do some "visual research" and post examples for how type can be handled in a manner that further supports what you are doing with the grid layout, photography and symmetry.

    Why oh why would all the type be helvetica and only the cover in future? Be consistent and when you do mix fonts you want to chose ones that are different and complimentary.

    What is listed in the table of contents? Likely you only need connotations and the correlating numbering system since you are clearly labeling the photographs by denotative characteristics ("Straw", etc). Have fun with the connotations - they can help tell your "story".

    Revise your connotation and denotation lists entirely. You've reversed them and sprinkled denotative attributes into each list.

    See more of my comments below in your photos post...