Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reading Response Time & Motion

Time and motion are closely related principles. Motion takes place in the realm of time. When talking about creating movement digitally, storyboards are produced. Storyboards summarize any content and key movements. It helps organize the flow of the animation and generalizes ideas, open for tweaking. In animation basics, key frames are used to depict important moments within the animation. The process of creating the in between movements is called "tweening".

Interactive logos and graphics are another side of motion design. These designs are created in programs like Java, Flash AcionScript, etc. and they use code.

Changing over time: Change can occur on may levels in an animation. From color, to speed, position, rotation, shape, depth, transparency, and combining any of these variables together.
One thing that interest me very much so is text in motion. Keeping the word(s) legible is a key factor to the success of the text in motion.

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