Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reading "Anatomy of a Visual Message

Design Writing Research by Ellen Lupton & The Anatomy of a Visual Message by Dondis

When talking about perception, designers come to think about different terms when trying to communicate to others through their work. Interpretations is always a question and issue that comes about. In The Anatomy of a Visual Message by Dondis, an apparent message comes across: ". . .symbols and composition have universal meanings that appeals directly to human perception."
Representation: What we see and how we recognize it in the environment and how we remember it from experience.
Abstract:The kinesthetic quality of a visual event reduced to the basic elemental visual components, emphasizing the more direct, emotional, even primitive message.
Symbol: The vast world of coded symbol systems which man has created arbitrarily.

They way we learn to know all of these things and how they work in life is through experience.

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