Saturday, October 3, 2009

NY Times

I thought it was amazing that the artist, Laura Fields, had the eye and took the time to display the piece Child's Play. When I started off reading the article, I wondered about the "shock value" of the contrasts but found this thought being answered in the quote, "The shock of such contrasts is considerable: not only because of the coexistence of the two worlds shown, but also because of the cynicism of the culture which shows them one above the other."

April 8, 2005 --Chinese sailor's hats, with a decoration at the front

Even if juxtapositions are not planned, it is still a magnificent concept either way. The idea of two things coming together in meaning, conceptually, or by physical layout is brilliant. It is even more brilliant to physically display these concepts together, in one aragement. Sometimes, advertisers try to disastablish juxtaposition-- which still makes the existance of juxtaposition even more important.

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