Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My find and share image was found in a magazine of mine . It is an example of contemporary graphic design that employs the graphic design principles as follows:

AlignmentThe forms below align with one another resulting in connections between the images as well as establish relationships between the items.

SymmetryThe composition is balanced along a number of axes throughout the page. The image mirrors from a number of points.

ProximityThe images, perfume bottles, are located within close range of one another and generate a relationship between the images.

RepetitionThe repetition of perfume bottles and their background create the pattern of a star. This was a smart decision due to the fact that this is a Christmas add. Shapes like snowflakes and stars are popular symbols for the season of winter and the holiday of Christmas.

Correspondence The images below correspond in size, shape, and texture which makes the advertisement easy to read, process, and understand.

Note: Image was found in Vogue Magazine

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